Dear customer

The Coronavirus effect is getting worse, flight resource has become a huge problem recently.

Fashion Kila US Express cargoes are stuck at the Hong Kong airport, 2 weeks waiting at the airport is the current timeline before they can fly to the US.

That makes the whole delivery time longer, the current US Express delivery time has become 20-30 days now.

Canada Post will not accept any new packages from 25th May because of too many awaiting delivery packages.

So we have to cancel the payment feature for Canada orders from today, :(

It will be available again when Canada Post is back to normal, we will keep you updated.

Express Shipping to AU, UK, and Germany is okay so far, 7-12 days delivery time.

It would be a good choice to sell to these countries and avoid the shipping delay at the moment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Best Regards,

2020-05-19 Update